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There's just not enough hours in the day. You want to get new clients. But you do not have the time to meet and sell everyone. That is where your webpage comes in. Your webpage advertises your intent 24 hours a day without rest. It works while you sleep. Ask us how we can help you. Meet the 24 hour you.


Promethyl Corporate is technology.

We offer webhosting, webdesign, Android App Programming, Realty IDX (Internet Data Exchange) solutions, custom programming solutions, blue screen of death and stop code analysis, database solutions and optimizations.

Located in Kansas City, Promethyl Corporate is ready to help you become an Internet business.

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Specializing in webhosting, programming, webdesign, Android Applications Development, IDX, and integration.


Our Support is bar none. We are there for our clients around the clock. We recently implemented NPS to measure our customer's satisfaction. We scored 100%. Our NPS score is 100%.


Promethyl Corporate has database administrators, system adminstrators, programmers, project managers and graphics design engineers on staff to produce an application solution for your corporation.

Realty Consulting:

We offer a full line of services for real estate professionals including web design and IDX Solutions. Contact our IDX Help Business Entity for more information.


To inquire about a webhosting, webdesign, IDX, or a programming project, click here.
To inquire about webhosting, click here.
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